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“In less than 30 days, Mauricio and his team doubled our sales and leads. Now we have a consistent lead flow and have automated system sales process”

Adi Crnalic

President Pure Impact Nutrition



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Just imagine, your customer onboarding, upselling, retention and engagement all automated. Optimized on an ongoing basis to make it even more effective. Emails going out and customer happiness going up, all without you having to click a button or press a keyboard button!


Acquiring new customers is the hardest and most expensive thing for businesses. Sales does not have to be hard. Just imagine having a system that is totally automated, pays for itself, and allows you to work on your business instead for your business.


Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started? I can help give you direction on different growth strategies. We all need help in business. Make sure to tap into the marketing knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.


Leads are the lifeblood of every business but over 90% of companies do something wrong in the process that costs time and money. We have years of experience in the trenches and have developed world-class strategies that attract and convert leads using multiple channels including Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Bing, Twitter, and More!


About Me

Do You Want To Double Your Sales In Less Than 90 Days?

My name is Mauricio Cardenal and I’m looking for companies that want to:

  1. Increase the number of customers to their business
  2. Increase the customer spend
  3. Increase the sales conversion rates
  4. increase customer loyalty and referral rates
  5. Increase their margins and profitability

I’m an entrepreneur, writer for Forbes Magazine, and consultant in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Marketing, Lead Generation and Business Development. My passion is helping companies that want to solve big problems, grow FAST, and make an impact. I’ve worked hard to educate myself and learn the strategies and systems that help companies grow

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I do five basic things for your business.

  1. Find and introduce new customers to your business
  2. Get your existing customers to increase their spend in your products and services.
  3. Nurture your customers so that they refer new customers and keep them coming back to your business.
  4. Increase your profit margins and your conversions so you have a higher net profit yield.
  5. Measure and track analytics so you can optimize your ROI.

This adds up to a healthy growing business.

Most times I find that if I make 2 or 3 small changes to the way your business engages with your customers. You will see an increase in your profit and revenue of between 30 – 50%.

Some of my topics

  • Social Media Target, Aim, Fire
  • Social Media Lead Generation Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Automation

“Mauricio is an expert when it comes to marketing your practice. His knowledge and skills have significantly impacted my business. I highly recommend his services.”

Javier Martinez

Javier Martinez MD

“Mauricio and his team helped automate my sales process and took the element of surprise out of my business. I’ve seen spectacular results!

Gregg Smith

“Mauricio provided excellent information and a clear and precise plan to achieve our goals. If you are looking for assistance for implementing a marketing plan that will make 20-50% impact in more sales, I would highly recommend you get in contact with Mauricio ASAP!

Cameron Luff

“Withing 5 minutes of Mauricio diving into my Facebook funnel – he found a couple of bottlenecks that nobody else (including some well known “GURU’S”) was able to catch. He quickly helped me breakthrough a few frustrating obstacles and within a day I had my funnel up and running…(that same funnel led to me generating 9k off of $863 ad spend over a weekend”

Travis Motley

Impact Strength & Performance


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