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2nd place is better than 1st place

How To Make Your Marketing More Believable With This One Weird Trick

Do your prospects believe what you say? One of the biggest challenges for marketers is getting people to believe in your message. Believability is often overlooked in a lot of marketing campaigns. You might have the biggest worst product/service but unless they know who you are most people won’t believe you what they read online. In order to […]

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How To Craft A Godfather Offer That Your Prospects Can't Refuse

How To Craft A Godfather Offer That Your Prospects Can’t Refusee

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” I’m sure you’ve heard this line before. It’s from the movie The Godfather. For those millennials who haven’t watched it, when the Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, wants someone to do something for him he makes him an offer they can’t refuse. The offer usually involves […]

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How to Kill Your Lead Generation Campaign

How To Kill Your Lead Generation Campaign

Imagine you lose your cell phone. All of your contacts, pictures, and videos are gone. You immediately call your phone provider to cancel your plan. Since you now can’t function without your cell phones you immediately go to the nearest cell phone store to buy a new cell phone. They have the exact model you want […]

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5 Steps to Local Business Success with Facebook Ads

5 Steps to Local Business Success with Facebook Ads

Do you own a local business? Are you struggling with any of the following? Foot traffic local sales consultations leads events If the answer is yes, then Facebook Ads can be a god send. Facebook represents a huge opportunity for the local business owner. Facebook Ads are like having your own billboard in your own neighborhood. Here […]

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Memorable Content

How To Create Memorable Content And Avoid Being Forgotten

People act on what they remember. Being remembered and being memorable is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Let’s be real for a second. Most businesses are forgettable. Most people you meet won’t remember you. Most restaurants offer bland and forgettable experiences. Most ads you see you forget. Most books you read you forget. […]

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How To Ethically Spy On Your Competition

Do you want to learn how to steal your competition’s secrets? Do you want to do it an ethical way? One of the most effective ways to build a successful business is to model your successful competitors. Knowledge is power. The more information you have the higher the chances you have of succeeding. I’ve been watching […]

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2 Marketplace Sophistication

The 5 Levels of Market Sophistication For Effective Marketing

What’s the single biggest reason why marketing campaigns fail? It’s not the competition, although that is part of it. It’s not the investment you make in your marketing campaign. It’s not the copy or the ads. It’s this. It’s not knowing your marketplace’s sophistication level. If you know your marketplace’s sophistication level you’ll have a […]

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If You Build It, They May Not Come: 4 Ways Physicians Can Stand Out in the Medical Community

For a long time, the idea of a doctor promoting themselves or their practice was looked down upon by the medical community. Even now, there is hesitation among many professionals when it comes to standing out. However, the medical profession is just that – a profession, and as such Physicians need to be able to […]

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How To Get 28 New Patients A Month…Without Sleazy Marketing

Jeff was a medical professional with a successful practice. Every day he helped patients with some of their most nagging concerns and helped them lead happier healthier lives. However, there was a problem in Jeff’s business – a problem that caused him tremendous anxiety and stress. Jeff’s business had reached a point where he was simply maintaining […]

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