Facebook Advertising

Imagine having access to a team of Facebook experts that knows how to set-up a system that can turn your business into an automated sales machine.

It’d be pretty awesome, right?

Well, now you can.

Facebook Advertising | The Cardenal Group

Facebook Advertising represents the biggest opportunity in advertising history. There are 150 data points you can target on Facebook.

Facebook is a 24/7 goldmine of traffic that’s right at anyone’s fingertips. The only issue is, you need to be a professional to know how to:

  • Find your Target Audience
  • Market the Right Type of Ads to Them
  • Use Retargeting and other advanced strategies to collect as many leads as possible
  • Design and create converting lead pages
  • Get great ROI’s from Facebook

Here’s how it works:

  1. You and your Facebook Expert talk about your goals, what you’d like to achieve and what amount of time you’d like to achieve it in.
  2. We come to an arrangement and plan our strategy that’s personalized for your situation and business.
  3. We begin to run ads that pop up all over your target audiences’ newsfeeds
  4. In a short period of time, you will see increased ROI, revenue,and profits.

An example case study of how this would work:

Facebook Advertising | The Cardenal Group

And here’s what we do to take out all of the leg work and hours that would otherwise be put in by yourself:

Facebook Advertising – We take care of everything from the pictures within the ads to reading the data and improving the ads.

Landing Page – We design a high-converting landing page that aims to collect people’s names & emails that click on the ads from Facebook. (we can also have the option of building trust & selling your products directly to the leads email at this point)

Application – Within the initial consultation, we both discuss what it is you’re selling and put together an application that the lead receives directly to their email inbox. We collect the leads contact number at this stage.

Call – We then go ahead and follow up the lead and sell the product to them over the phone. This is also great for expensive, high ticket items.

Sale – We secure the sale and feedback to you on a regular basis

The Facebook Webinar Funnel

Facebook Advertising | The Cardenal Group

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