Google Advertising

Google Advertising that will increase sales

By now, we’re sure that you know of at least a bit about the potential that Google Advertising holds for you and your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice and only just heard about Google Adwords recently or already have a campaign up and running; we’re here to help.

Google Advertising | The Cardenal Group

What do we do?

We start by talking to you on a personable level. We discuss your goals, visions and all about what you want to achieve and then… make it happen for you.

If you’ve got an account with Google Adwords and have logged in, you might just feel the overwhelming feeling that so many of our previous clients have had.

No need to fear, the Google Advertising team is here.

How we do it:

We take all of the hard work out of the process and simply feedback to you the good news.

1 – After our initial consultation, we set-up a plan and get into implementing it right away.

2 – With a focus on end-result ROI and success from your campaign we create a process that maximizes as many targeted, high quality leads as possible for the lowest advertising budget possible.

3 – We create a range of targeted audiences that would be interested in your products and test a range of them to find the most promising.

4 – Once we have your perfect audience, we create professional, high-converting landing pages to collect your target audiences information and continue an advanced and effective sales funnel.

All of our jobs vary, and we can cater to all types of goals. For example, sending traffic directly to your site for instant sales.