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How To Get 28 New Patients A Month…Without Sleazy Marketing

Jeff was a medical professional with a successful practice. Every day he helped patients with some of their most nagging concerns and helped them lead happier healthier lives. However, there was a problem in Jeff’s business – a problem that caused him tremendous anxiety and stress. Jeff’s business had reached a point where he was simply maintaining […]

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How to 10x Your Business with An Autoresponder

Autoresponders are the single most valuable strategy you can use in your email marketing system. They can be used to introduce who you are, build your authority, and nurture your leads. Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of any online channel. For every $1 you spend on email marketing you receive $40 in return. […]

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How To Create An Awesome Lead Capture On Your Website

Do you want to learn how to tap an invisible pipeline in your business? This pipeline can potentially bring your business millions in revenue. The pipeline I am talking about is your website visitors. 55% of website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your site. Over 90% of your visitors never return to your website.  This […]

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How to Build a Reactivation Campaign That Converts

Did you know that acquiring new customers cost 4-6 times as much as retaining old customers? Most businesses spend most of their time, energy, and money trying to acquire new customers. Acquiring new customers is usually the most challenging aspect of most businesses. Over 70% of companies say that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than to […]

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